Help the Poor People

Help the Helpless

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me towfiq to formed a Poor Trust Foundation acting in Australia. The name of the foundation is Help the Poor People. The aim of this foundation is to collect money from brothers and sisters to help the poor people. We aim to help those who are very very poor, living hand to mouth, begging etc. Some of the money would be used as a Sadaqah Jaria to complete the mosque that is shown in this website.

Alhamdulillah, This mosque had been built by someone from his own money about 20 years ago. It was 60 percent completed, but now he is not able to complete the rest of the construction. Quite a bit  still needs to be done.

Also a land has been purchased to build a Mosque in Bangladesh.

So brothers and sisters I need your contribution on a Monthly basis. If you trust me then contribute, if you do not trust me then do not contribute. Still you have doubt then wait for the Judgment day.

May Allah give us understanding to participate in this Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jaria and accept it from us. Ameen. Alhamdulillahir Rabbul Alameen.

Aim of this foundation:

  • To generate a steady income to  support those who are not capable of work
  • To provide financial assistance to help those in need of income support
  • To help  poor people to build basic living areas, and provide cloths and food etc to support their daily living.
  • To pool money to renovate and build a mosque and help an orphanage in Bangladesh.

the Following Acc details are used  to deposit money on a monthly basis. The amount can be any amount, but we humbly request payment on a Monthly basis so that the above ongoing projects can be maintained. I encourage all of the brothers and sisters to contribute the equivalent cost of a  20 KG sack of rice in Bangladesh.

Account Details:
The Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 063 154
Acc: 1067 1882
Name: Mohammad Habibur Rahman
May Allah accept all of us and our Sadaqah
Ameen, Alhamdulillahir Rabbul Alameen